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Practical Firearms Instruction

Shooting Instruction For The Real World

I am here to support the 2nd amendment and help my fellow citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones with the most effective tool available, the firearm.  

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Why I Am Here

I am not trying to be famous. I am not trying to be an influencer on Instagram or YouTube. I don't give two shits about that. Having been a weapon carrying professional since before I could legally own a hand gun and now after 33 years of SPECWAR experience as a SEAL operator and a weapons trainer for the last 13 years, I am disappointed with the level of shooting instruction available to the common American citizen. Therefore my goal is to use my experience to provide people with a good solid foundation of skills to safely employ a firearm to protect themselves and their families.

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Mark T. Cochiolo CWO3(SEAL) ret.

Mr. Cochiolo (BUD/S 141) has over 30 years of Naval special Warfare experience ranging from Special Warfare Operator, Operational Tester, Combat developer, Officer In Charge, Training Officer and Weapons Instructor. He has four operational SEAL tours of duty to the Western Pacific (WESTPAC), spent eight years as an assaulter and breacher on the US Navy’s tier one counter terrorist unit (1995-2003) made operational and combat deployments to Eastern Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In his most senior military position he was the Chief Warrant Officer in charge of training and combat systems for forward deployed SEALs in the middle east out of NSWU3, Bahrain, he evaluated the Personal Security Detail (PSD) of the Vice President and Prime Minister of Iraq and served as the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Third Phase, Land Warfare Training Officer until his retirement in 2010.

After retirement from active duty he served as a Contract BUD/S instructor, responsible for curriculum development and teaching the basic weapons course for all US Navy SEAL candidates. He has trained over 3500 Navy SEAL candidates in Combat Shooting and marksmanship with the M4 rifle, Sig 226, Glock 19, MK 48, MK 17 SCAR and 40mm grenade launchers.

Mr. Cochiolo has numerous Military awards including the Bronze Star Medal with “V” device, Joint Service Commendation Medal with “V” device, and the Presidential Unit Citation for combat operations including Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), Persons Indicted for Warcrimes (PIFWC) operations, search operations for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the first successful prisoner rescue since WWII.

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My Services

Private Lessons

One on One:




Groups of 3-5:


Groups of 6-8: 


Groups of 8-10:


Groups of 10+: 

Please call for details 

**There is a 20% deposit in order to book all training sessions. Individuals are expected to pay all range fees and bring their own guns and ammo.**

Range fees are typically $40/person and firearms are available to rent for $50/each. There is a 3 hour minimum for all training sessions.

A 10% discount will be offered to military and law enforcement service members. 

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Service Details

What To Expect

Beginning Shooter - Firearm safety, Firearm operation & Maintenance, Marksmanship fundamentals, Recommendations of Firearms & Equipment

Intermediate Shooter - Refresher on all of the above + Firearm malfunction drills, Proper reloading techniques, Draw from holster, Intro to use of cover, Intro to moving and shooting, Intro to stress, Multiple targets, Mindset 

Advanced Shooters - Refresher on all of the above, Drawing from concealment, Facing drills, Alternate shooting positions, stress courses

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Affiliated Businesses

For expert gear reviews, weapons reviews, and training for all levels, you can also find me at Tactical Hyve, along with many other subject matter expertsTactical Hyve is a thriving firearm and tactical training community built with a purpose: A community where we vet and streamline pertinent information for you.

At FRX Tactical, I am one of a team that consists of highly experienced, retired Navy SEALs. Our team has over 80 years of collective military service as well as multiple combat deployments and years of instructing experience. 

FRX Tactical offers shooting instruction and events for every level of shooter from the new-first time shooter to the

advanced marksman.

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Coch's Career In Pistols

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Coch's Knife Collection

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Navy Seal's Top 5 Battle Rifles

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Best Jack Of All Trades AR 

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How To Grip A Pistol - Coch

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AR Set Up For Home Defense

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Worst 5 Weapon Picks

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Client Testimonials

Home: Testimonials

Thank you for your time today. Although we were nervous we really enjoyed everything about our time with you. Your attention to detail and willingness to share your knowledge with us made it a really amazing learning experience. Thank you for getting us started on good, safe gun ownership. We are looking forward to our next session.

Bill & Crystal T

Mark brings a low-key and knowledgeable approach to his instruction that assists the students with the fundamentals of operating numerous weapon systems.

The rifle course that I attended was focused with an emphasis on safety  that allowed the students to operate and develop their skill sets. In addition he was able to provide comprehensive insight into marksmanship, shooting platforms and gear set-up that allowed me to optimize and enhance my understanding of the rifle. He is able to relay information in a positive and professional manner that really engages the students and instills confidence in their weapons management. The course he runs is phenomenal and if you are looking for a subject matter expert he is it. I cannot recommend him enough and will be attending any class he runs.

Mike (current police officer 20+ years)

Michael Mazur

I was a Dept Rangemaster in the '90s and have, in the past, attended a number of firearms training classes. I'm old and rusty, 'Nuff said. I really benefited from the class. I have not had eyes on me and my shooting for a long time. I found the instructor to be 100% the genuine article - candid, friendly, down to earth, and not a scintilla pretentious. It was a pleasure and an eye-opener to have a 'top-tier' military operator observe, critique, and correct my performance shooting a range of exercises. I felt the exercises progressed well, culminating in the most practical, move, and shoot portions of the class. I was shown excellent individual attention - 'Coach' babysat me at the end of the line as I was unable to hear very well and was straining to get the instructions and round count right for each exercise.

I watched individual students receive instructor attention and input without any negativity. Folks were treated well - instruction was all positive and consistent. I saw 1st class instruction all-around in a non-pretentious atmosphere.


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I recently had the opportunity to train with Mr. Cochiolo.  The experience was second to none.  I have trained with many firearms instructors, including former operators.  What set Mr. Cochiolo apart was his diligence in refining my fundamentals and his sharp focus on practical skill.  Mr. Cochiolo is highly competent, humble, and an absolute subject matter expert.   I highly recommend PFI to anyone wanting to improve their proficiency in a friendly and safe environment.  I look forward to future work. 

Trevor T. Garmey
Manhattan Beach, CA

Trevor Garmey

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